Remote work

Free remote work at Menhir!

Since the COVID-19 health crisis, Menhir FX has ushered in a new era of work, offering everyone the flexibility to choose between working in the studio or remotely. This change has brought unparalleled freedom, allowing individuals to better balance their personal and professional lives. It also provides us with the opportunity to collaborate with talent from distant locations. While remote work offers creative freedom, being on-site also fosters a strong team spirit and mutual support.



Creative freedom and flexible schedules

At Menhir FX, we encourage creative freedom and flexible schedules! We firmly believe that everyone is the master of their own time. We prefer to cultivate a playful and stimulating approach to inspire the desire to come to the studio regularly.

And how do we achieve that?

We organize activities, provide snacks, foster teamwork, and launch fun challenges. Whether you work from the comfort of your home or join us in the studio, we maintain consistent working hours. We have designated days to encourage on-site presence and share moments together.

Discord, our virtual community and central hub of our communication!

Innovative remote collaboration tools

Discord is not just a chat platform; it’s where we gather virtually, with meeting rooms and spaces for relaxation and gaming! Discord fosters our team spirit by promoting seamless communication, lively exchanges, and effective coordination, even when working remotely. We’ve implemented tools like Reemo, which allow us to work remotely on the studio’s computers, ensuring the continuity of our work even in case of hardware issues.

Interns and apprentices

We pay special attention to our interns and apprentices. We believe it’s best to start on-site to build relationships with the team and learn in the best conditions. After the first month, they are free to choose their mode of work, just like other team members. But remember, even when working remotely, no one is alone! Seeking help when needed and being proactive in this regard remains essential.

Key points for remote work

In summary, the key points for successful remote work at Menhir FX are:

  • Being diligent with your Discord status and work hours
  • Utilizing the provided tools and seeking help when needed
  • Organizing activities to promote teamwork and the enjoyment of working together!


Remember: Work hard, play hard! 😉