strong values

  • Kindness

    We believe in listening, sharing, and empathy in our interactions. This creates an environment where everyone feels understood, supported, and valued.
  • Feedback Culture

    We progress together, helping each other find the best solutions. Precise and constructive feedbacks allows us to sharpen our perspectives and enhance our critical thinking.
  • Agility

    Fueled by our dynamism, we enjoy venturing into new horizons. Our creative approach and management methods constantly adapt to our teams and partners.
  • Transparency

    We value communicating openly. Providing better visibility into the studio’s finances and challenges strengthens trust and commitment among teams.
  • Inclusion

    Every day, we aspire to promote inclusion by valuing open-mindedness and tolerance. Operating in a healthy environment enhances innovation, creativity, and group harmony.

Our areas of expertise

Specialist in 3D modelling and design

Creating Memorable 3D Experiences: Bring captivating worlds and memorable characters to life. Starting with impactful pre-production design, including script, moodboard, storyboard, 2D animatic, and leveraging our expertise in storytelling, modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, compositing, we enhance viewer immersion and ensure immersive and unique trailers.

Specialist in 2D modelling and design

Dive into the world of 2D visual creativity. We offer a comprehensive range of skills, from animated illustration to concept art, including artistic direction and parallax effects, with meticulous attention to detail. Bring your 2D projects to life by creating works that reflect an authentic artistic vision.

Specialist in Motion Design

We transform your vision with dynamic and captivating visual effects to make your stories impactful. Using elements like narrative design, graphic animations, seamless transitions, animated CTAs, we create memorable trailers that engage players.

Our talent

  • Simon Tarsiguel


  • Pierre Tarsiguel


  • Clément Crosnier

    CG SUP Partner

  • Thomas Caputo

    Concept Artist

  • Fabien Urbanczyk

    3D generalist

  • Jérémy Matias

    3D généralist

  • Sasha Bernède

    Production manager

  • Alwin Durez

    3D generalist

  • Camille Vascon

    Communication officer

  • Lauriane Arnoux

    Motion Designer

  • Angèle Sionneau

    Head of pipeline

Our history

05 décembre 2017

Menhir FX opens in Montpellier

The story of Menhir FX unfolds in Montpellier, where the first stones of an independent 3D animation studio are laid. Led by Simon and Pierre Tarsiguel, two Breton brothers who relocated to the south of France, this creative saga thrives alongside a passionate team. Menhir FX continuously pushes boundaries and stands out through its consistent growth, fueled by expertise and the quality of its productions.

07 novembre 2020

Menhir FX specializes in video game trailers

Originally engaged in various productions, including commercials and music videos, our full immersion into the world of video games in 2020 was driven by an overwhelming passion for this realm. The synergy of creativity and love for gaming enables us to breathe life into unique horizons.

04 octobre 2021

The 4-day week

Always in search of new innovations and testing new processes, Menhir FX embraces the four-day workweek! This allows the team members to flourish with a better work-life balance. The mission is to move towards the most horizontal management possible.

02 janvier 2023

Financial transparency

In our quest to foster an environment where clarity and trust thrive, we have implemented financial transparency within the Menhir FX studio. Regular explanatory meetings are introduced, providing a detailed overview of our activities and promoting a profound understanding of our economic journey. This initiative reflects our commitment to integrity, collaboration, and information sharing, establishing an open exchange within our team.