The 4 day week

4 days a week, it’s possible!

Well-being, the cornerstone of Menhir FX’s DNA

Always seeking new innovations and testing new processes such as flexible hours, one-on-one meetings, or financial transparency. To allow Menhir employees to flourish more by achieving a better work/life balance. The mission that Menhir FX has set for itself is to move towards the most horizontal management possible.

The era of the traditional 39-hour workweek is over! Menhir FX has chosen to structure its working hours differently: employees are present 4 days a week, with a base of 32 hours. Employment contracts state 35 hours, including 3 hours provided by the company to complement the 32 hours worked by the employees.

Focus: Before the Launch

With the entire team, we discussed the expectations, concerns, and questions surrounding the 4-day workweek. Together, we established a framework: the company will be open for 5 days with one team present on Monday and another on Friday.

Test launch date: October 18, 2021

Testing Phase

Over a span of 5 months, we had the opportunity to put forth new proposals in order to find the best organization.

However, in the end, for 5 months, we stuck with the same one! We held monthly meetings, analyzed statistics, and compiled reports to gauge the satisfaction rate and assist us in making the best choice.

Validation date of the 4-day workweek: April 14, 2022

CSR Serves the Team

As we’ve mentioned: always more innovative, always more horizontal in our company’s vision.

While being far from ghost hours, the goal of the 4-day workweek is also to take care of our environment. One of the strengths of this HR innovation is that team members come to work less and, ultimately, use their personal vehicles less. Less time on the roads for the team means less impact on carbon pollution!