Diversity and inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity, a fundamental rule!

What is it?

Every individuality deserves to be integrated in the same way. Respecting everyone is a fundamental rule with us.

Diversity: Every person is unique and is welcome with their singularities at the studio.

Inclusivity: Being inclusive means integrating all collaborators into one’s team, regardless of their differences.

What are the benefits?

The goal is to feel oneself, comfortable, and supported in a healthy work environment. They promote innovation, creativity, productivity, and engagement.

This helps strengthen team performance and economic performance. It becomes a criterion for retention and attractiveness for the company.

How to be inclusive?

Talking about it: The implementation of this inclusivity and diversity starts from the job description, during interviews, regular exchange meetings, team-building workshops, after-work events, and within the contract clause.

Regular feedback: The company establishes active and attentive listening, demonstrates both exemplary behavior and responsiveness, as well as taking necessary actions and sanctions when needed.

CSR is in service of the team

What makes Menhir FX strong is the collection of pillars we have established within the studio. Inclusivity is a daily priority to work in the best conditions while maintaining a good atmosphere, to promote performance, and of course, maximum fun!