Project : Fabledom
Client : Dear Villagers / 01.2023
We produced three 3D trailers for the release of Fabledom, with a fantastic, fun atmosphere. The animations are reminiscent of the game's cartoon style, while the lighting is soft and highlights the game's colors. This was combined with illustrations and motion to harmonize our images with the gameplay.

The project

FABLEDOM is a city builder that projects you into the heart of a fantastic tale.


Build the village of your dreams and live a sweet life where flying pigs are part of your daily routine. Make your inhabitants happy with a home, food and love.


  • Explore and collect resources
  • Flying pigs and hidden secrets
  • Protect the kingdom and conquer

The 2 other trailers

  • Modelisation

  • Texturing

  • 3D render

  • Animation

  • Gameplay record

  • Video editing

  • Illustration

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