Project : Parisland
Client : The SandBox / 02.2023
This trailer has been created in 3D, featuring motion design and gameplay to showcase the Parisland event inspired by Paris Hilton. The dominant colors of pink, red, and white are used to evoke the themes of love and weddings.

The project

The SandBox is a community platform where players can monetize voxel assets and gameplay experiences on the blockchain


A “Parisland” event has been created in a metaverse world as a result of a partnership between Paris Hilton and The SandBox, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Become the best wedding planner, meet new people, and find the perfect date in a romantic atmosphere!


  • A festive event
  • Tropical island
  • Find your soulmate
  • 3D Render

  • Gameplay Record

  • Motion Design

  • Video Editing

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